Sales and Service Training

Sales-fit for growth explores the relationship between ethical needs based selling and customer service to deliver superior sales results.

We create a bespoke sales model that is aligned with your organisation’s brand personality and values.

Why use Sales-fit for growth?

People who attend this course will notice increased confidence and a significant uplift in their sales effectiveness over time.

Sales-fit for growth will also lead to superior business results and increased customer satisfaction.

Great sales people are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.

-Jeffrey Gitomer

Referral-fit for growth explores how to leverage the relationships you already have with your existing customers, or clients, to get quality referral business.  Referral-fit can be added as an extra module to Sales-fit for growth or offered as a stand-alone course

Why use Referral for growth?

The easiest and most cost effective source of new business is to target the raving advocates within your existing customer or client base. Referral fit ensures you don’t overlook the low hanging fruit.

This is the companion course to Sales-fit for growth.  This course ensures there is on-going coaching and support for those who have attended Sales-fit for growth from their line manager.  It provides useful tools for sales leaders and explores ways to keep the sales team fired up.

Why use Sales Leader-fit for growth?

This course provides sales leaders with the knowledge and confidence to coach and support their people to embed the new skills they have learned on Sales-fit for growth.

Bad sales managers push two buttons: ‘more’ and ‘panic.’ Great sales managers have a different button to push: the ‘how’.

-Chris Lytle